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You Asked, We Answered: Top 10 Dispense FAQs

Shannon Finkel

If you're looking for simple, direct answers to your burning questions about Dispense, you've come to the right place. As the title suggests, we're walking you through the most asked-about topics so you can learn exactly how Dispense makes dispensaries better. Let's dive in.

1. What is Dispense?

What we are: a B2B eCommerce software built specifically for cannabis dispensaries. We provide retailers with the tools and technology they need to sell products online, manage their daily operations, build direct customer relationships, and scale their businesses.

What we are not: a POS system—though we do integrate with several of them. Scroll to No. 6 for more.

2. What is the cost to use Dispense?

Dispense's Standard plan is offered at $500/mo and comes with every single feature available, without any of the sign-on fees that some of our competitors charge. You also have the option to select Dispense's Enterprise plan, which is fully customized to your MSO's needs. Reach out to us on our website to discuss specific pricing. No matter which you choose, we'll get you started with Dispense almost immediately—our team can help you configure your online store in less than an hour—and you'll receive free onboarding sessions to help you hit the ground running.

3. Does Dispense offer a free trial?

We provide all customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee to give you time to evaluate Dispense (though we're confident you'll love it). You can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice, too.

4. What are Dispense’s most-loved features?

Top dispensaries across the country rave about features like:

5. What else can I do with Dispense?

Beyond the basics, Dispense provides tons of other tools to improve the way you run your dispensary.

6. What does Dispense integrate with?

We're constantly working to add new integrations, but as of now, Dispense integrates with many leading companies in the cannabis space. Stay tuned for more in the near future.

Point-of-sale systems:

SMS marketing and loyalty programs:

Analytics platforms:

7. Does Dispense have a consumer-facing platform?

Dispense operates strictly as a business-to-business platform, without a consumer app, which means you'll never lose customers to nearby dispensaries. Even better, your customer data, online orders, and order details are owned by you (and only you). We'll never sell it, share it, or market to it. Having control of this data allows you to create strong relationships with your customers while encouraging loyalty and advocacy.

8. What are the benefits of using Dispense?

By having an online presence (powered by Dispense), your dispensary has the potential to reach thousands of new customers each day, giving them 24/7 access to place an order. More specifically, though, we can break the advantages up in two ways.

For you:

For your customers:

9. What separates Dispense from other cannabis eCommerce platforms?

Built on hospitality, Dispense puts client support at the frontline of our company. From the moment you become a partner, you’ll be surrounded by a dedicated team to ensure you get the most out of our dispensary software, minimizing the need for major help along the way. If a question or issue ever does arise, you'll have direct, nearly round-the-clock service from us when and how you need it.

10. How can I learn more about Dispense?

Visit us online to schedule a complimentary demo or discovery call and learn why countless dispensaries are making the switch to Dispense. We can't wait to hear from you.