Puff Puff Pass

Basic Website + Setup


How it works


Pass us your info

We'll need information about what content you want on your site, assets (e.g. logos, images), and credentials or an invitation to both your domain and proxy tool.


Build site + hook it up

Dispense builds your 1-2 page site on Webflow. We get that up on your custom domain, and do the proxy step for high quality SEO.



We'll show you your design. You get 1 round of edits, then we'll hand it off to you.

Puff Puff Pass


Who is this option best for?


For the dispensary who wants to get a basic website up and running quickly with their Dispense menu connected to it, then can maintain it themselves going forward.

If you're looking for more than a basic site, we've got agency partners who can help.

How many rounds of edits do I get?


One. After we build the site, we'll show it to you and you can give feedback for 1 round of edits before we hand this off completely.

What information do you need?


Site Information
What do you want on your site? If you already have a design, send it over, if not we'll get you set up!
Dispensary Name
Store hours
Copy: Tagline, About, etc.
Branding: Fonts, Colors (specific hex code or general direction)
Social Links

Logo (SVG file)
Icons & images

Domain (e.g. Godaddy)
Proxy (e.g. Cloudflare)
If you have existing accounts, we'll need your credentials or access for setup. If you don't, we'll help you get them set up.

What if I need Webflow help?


Webflow is awesome! They have extensive help docs and videos at Webflow University

Does Dispense host this site or bill me going forward for the Webflow site?


No. Dispense will help you get everything set up, but all services (Webflow), domain (e.g. Godaddy), and proxying service (e.g. Cloudflare) will be in your name and payment.

Can you maintain my site or add pages after launch?


No. Dispense is only available for the initial setup.
If you want help with site maintenance, or to add additional pages and content, please reach out to our agency partners.

What if I want branding, design, or more than a 1-2 page site?


We'll puff puff pass it over to our agency partners. They can help you with design, branding, larger websites, and additional marketing needs.

What if I want my site built on Wordpress or another provider?


We only use Webflow, however, if you are familiar with Wordpress you should be able to pick up Webflow easily.
If you want to use something else, we'll pass it to our agency partners.