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Grouped Product Enhancements

February 24, 2022

We have overhauled the way we handle grouped products in Dispense. On the consumer menu, products will now only group into one product listing. On the backend, you will now see all grouped products listed individually. This will allow you to discount specific weights without it applying to all grouped items.

When you click on a grouped item, we will still show you all of the items we are grouping together. We will also continue to display the name, weight, price, and quantity. Any information updates will still be applied to all products in the grouping. This includes name, brand, category, subcategory, description, and cannabis type.

On the consumer menu, we will still show the grouped products as a single item and allow the customer to choose which weight they would like. We will only show the discount(s) you set up in the backend.

When a customer is viewing a grouped item, once they switch weights, the price, image, and lab results will update, ensuring they get the most accurate information on each individual item.