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New Feature

KindTap Integration

April 26, 2022

Dispense has integrated KindTap’s compliant digital payments offering for consumer purchases.

How It Works - A customer can enroll in KindTap from the checkout screen of their Dispense e-commerce page, make their first purchase instantly, and have their KindTap account stored on file so future shopping transactions are completed with a simple “one-click” experience.

KindTap’s Payment Products Include:

·      KindTap Credit: “Pay Later” with a revolving line of credit.

·      KindTap BankPay: “Pay Now” with a seamless bank account connection.

Benefits Of Using KindTap:

·      A truly compliant digital payments solution that includes consumer credit.

·      100% cashless transactions.

·      Bank-level encryption for security and consumer privacy.

·      High-touch merchant and customer support from Jacksonville, Florida.

·      Potential to boost average basket sizes and increase the rate of return for existing customers.