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Walkup Flow/CRM Changes

January 19, 2022

You no longer need to search to find a customer for a walkup order. If you provide their phone number, that order will be attached to their customer profile (if one exists),or we will create a new customer profile.

Old Behavior:

·      We used the email OR the phone number as the unique ID to try to match up an order to a customer profile

·      We did not validate on the front-end (Make sure they are 10-digits)

·      This resulted in bad data in the form of duplicate profiles and invalid phone numbers.

New Behavior

·      Phone number is the only unique ID. We need this in order to match an order to a customer profile or in order to create a new customer profile.

·      We will NOT create a customer profile if no phone is provided in the order.

·      Phone numbers are now being validated o the front-end to make sure they are 10-digit numbers


·      FasterCRM performance due to less bad data and duplicate profiles

·      Follows data privacy guidelines by allowing for fully anonymous guests.