Manage, sell, and scale your dispensary with Dispense

Cannabis dispensary owners need a solid eCommerce partner that they can trust, Dispense has you covered.

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Customer Support

Built on hospitality, Dispense puts client support at the frontline of our company.

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Easy onboarding + setup

We'll get you started with Dispense immediately. Our team can help you configure your online store in less than an hour, and you'll receive free onboarding sessions.

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Own your data + customers

Because Dispense is B2B only, your customers and data are your own - you never have to compete with other retailers in a marketplace.

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We ensure complete dispensary compliance and adhere to all state-specific laws concerning cannabis distribution, including purchase limits.

cannabis ecommerce analytics


Establish marketing trends and patterns by tracking top-selling items, popular pickup times, and most frequent shoppers.

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Customizable to your setup

Granular settings allow for full customization of everything: order statuses, queues, payment types, automated receipt printing and more.

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POS Integrations

Sync products from your POS for centralized inventory. Having one system gives you greater visibility into product performance.

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Who is Dispense?

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Dispense integrates with POS systems

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Dispense integrates with Payment Providers

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See how Dispense works for dispensary operations

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