Alpine IQ acquires Dispense

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Alpine IQ and Dispense

Acquisition FAQs

What is Alpine IQ?


Alpine IQ is the leading data and marketing solutions provider for cannabis retailers.

Plan, launch, and track omni-channel campaigns. Supercharge growth with a revenue-generating loyalty program. Power all of your marketing tactics with clean, reliable data and analytics and much more.  Learn more.

What happens to Dispense?


All Dispense team members have joined the Alpine IQ team! 

As a Dispense customer, you will continue to use Dispense as normal.

We will work on enhancing the integration between the two applications and will communicate product updates as they come.

What does this mean for my customers?


Your customers will also continue using Dispense-powered menus as usual.

We are working on enhancing the consumer experience for retailers who are both Alpine IQ and Dispense customers. In the short-term:

1. Getting Dispense-powered menus into the Alpine IQ native app and implementing SSO (single sign on). This will allow your customers to shop your Dispense menu in the Alpine IQ native app without needing to log in twice.

2. Enhancing our Alpine IQ loyalty features within the Dispense-powered menu.

More to come!

What happens to my other non-Alpine integrations? Will Dispense continue to support those?


We will continue to support all integrations.

Retailers can look forward to a seamlessly integrated platform compatible with popular point-of-sale systems such as Treez, Dutchie, Flowhub, Cova, and Square. Our goal is to make it easier than ever for retailers to become the consumer destinations that modern shoppers expect.

Is my billing impacted?


Not at this time.

Eventually we will combine the Dispense billing under Alpine IQ’s billing. All changes will be communicated via email. Please ensure you are subscribed to receive these updates. If you are unsure of your subscription status but would like to be enrolled, please let your CSM know.

Will I need to sign a new contract? 


Yes. The Alpine IQ renewals team will complete this transition for you. This will happen over time, so no immediate action needed until you hear from us.

Are any costs changing?


Not for legacy partners at this time.

Do I have a new point of contact or Customer Success Manager?


Your point of contact will remain the same unless we notify you of a new contact.

How can I learn more about Alpine IQ?


You can learn more about Alpine IQ by visiting their website or by speaking to your point of contact.

Does my support change?


For the next 90 days all support structures will remain in place and functioning as business as usual. As we unify our support and onboarding teams, we will start sharing resources to ensure proper account coverage.