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Increase your website traffic with online menus optimized for dispensary SEO.

Stop giving away your weed SEO to marketplaces and learn how to do SEO for dispensaries the easy way with dynamic titles and descriptions across your entire inventory.

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Every product, brand and category using Dispense's SEO menu is searchable and can land your business in search results for the most searched cannabis keywords.

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Clean Links

Dedicated URLs built to drive organic traffic and maximize search engine visibility.

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Faster Performance

Faster loading times than traditional iFrame solutions. Cannabis dispensary SEO optimized for speed.

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Own your website traffic data

You own your menu traffic data because the menu is on your own domain. Also your menu data is searchable and discoverable via google (or other search engines) due to SEO, and routes to your domain.

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No code or maintenance

Unlike other offerings, Dispense's comes with the entire feature set out-of-the-box. Once set up, you don't need a dev team to build or maintain anything.

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A sitemap is a file that contains information about where to find the important pages and assets on your website. Dispense generates and keeps up-to-date XML sitemaps, so search engine crawlers can efficiently crawl and index those pages in search results.

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Own your customer + order data

Dispense is not a marketplace. Marijuana dispensary SEO that won't sell or market your data to third parties.

Page Titles + Meta Descriptions

Customizable cannabis store SEO: Control how you want Google to display your search engine results for products, categories, and brands.

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Menu Customization

Make your menu look like yours. Choose your primary brand color for buttons and links, change up category icons, and upload custom clickable banners.

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SSL Certificate Validation

SSL certificates protect sites from security threats like phishing scams and data breaches. Dispense keeps your site and your data secure with SSL encryption.

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Google Analytics

Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID into Dispense to receive and send page views, user data, and events.

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Mobile optimization

Most eCommerce purchases happen on a mobile device. For this reason, Dispense designs and builds everything mobile-first for a mobile-optimized shopping experience.

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Local SEO

SEO optimized for local search using each of your store's name and address.


SEo for dispensaries

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What is Dispense's SEO menu?


Dispense's SEO Menu is for dispensaries looking to boost and optimize their SEO - automatically. No more giving your sales away to marketplaces, this option lives on your domain and gives you highly optimized product content, meta data, and URL structures and is readable by search engines.

How can product based SEO help my dispensary?


Product-based SEO is the strategic optimization of product pages on your dispensary website. The goal is to provide search engines with enough contextual information for your product pages to rank well and drive additional website traffic.

Our SEO menu allows you to dynamically set your SEO strategy for all products, brands, and strain on your menu. Dispense also automatically builds structured data for your product pages to create rich results for your product pages.

Do I own my data? Is this a marketplace?


You own all of your customer and order data. Dispense is not a marketplace and will not sell or market your data to third parties.

The benefit of the SEO Menu option is that you also own the menu traffic data since the menu is on your own domain, so your menu data is searchable and discoverable via search engines (like Google), and routes to your main domain. This does not happen with iFrames because search engines consider the content in iFrames to belong to another website, so the content inside will not be indexed or available to appear in search results.

How do I set up Dispense's SEO Menu?


Setup usually only takes an hour or two. It's just as quick as an iFrame!
You can do setup yourself or our team can help you get up and running quickly! Book a demo with us to learn how.

Once set up, do I need development resources to maintain this?


No, post-setup there is no coding or development resources needed. Unlike some of the other native eCommerce offerings, Dispense's SEO Menu comes with the entire feature set out-of-the-box and stays up to date as we add more functionality.

Is Dispense's SEO Menu the same as a 'subdomain menu' option?


No, the Dispense SEO Menu is better for SEO than the subdomain option.

You'll get some SEO benefit from a subdomain option, but it will be from your subdomain and not from your main domain: Google treats subdomains as different sites, separate from the main domain. So this gets you part of the way there because it's better SEO than an iFrame, but it's not as good as the Dispense SEO Menu option that sits on your main domain to drive search traffic to it.

No need to hire a cannabis digital marketing or SEO agency, Dispense does SEO automatically using your valuable product data.

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