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Due to federal restrictions, the cannabis industry continues to face banking challenges, making it difficult for dispensaries to process payments. Dispense can help with our integrated cannabis payment solutions that offer secure payments for dispensaries.

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Secure Digital Payments

Given the banking restrictions, the cannabis industry relies heavily on cash transactions. This poses significant safety risks for both dispensaries and their customers.

Dispense integrates with several cannabis payment solutions to offer an answer to these challenges. By providing secure and efficient payment methods, these solutions help businesses in the cannabis industry to handle their financials with ease and confidence.

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Mobile optimized

Because most purchases happen on the phone, Dispense is built mobile-first to optimize the purchasing and checkout funnel.

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Product Effects

Display the effects and terpenes of each item on your menu so your customers can easily find exactly what they are looking for.

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Efficient Communication

We handle all customer interactions via email and text.

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Frictionless Buying & Checkout

Allowing customers to prepay via digital payments, like ACH solutions, makes the checkout process easier and quicker for customers. Customers are now prioritizing a dispensary that takes online payments.

This not only improves the customer experience but also helps businesses to process transactions more efficiently, freeing up valuable time to focus on other aspects of their business.

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Seamless UX

Linking a bank account from the Dispense checkout to make a cannabis payment has never been easier. Customers can securely link their bank account in just a few steps. Once the account is linked, return customers can make payments in 1-click.

This streamlined process makes it easy for customers to switch from cash transactions to digital payments, providing a convenient and secure way to pay for their purchases.

Security and accuracy

Digital cannabis payments offer increased security and accuracy, with transaction records stored electronically, making it easier to track sales and reconcile accounts.

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Increased AOV with digital payments

Studies have shown that the implementation of digital payment solutions in the cannabis industry can result in increased average order values, due to the convenience and speed of digital payments.

By offering a seamless and efficient payment experience, digital payments can help businesses in the cannabis industry to drive sales. This increased average order value highlights the importance of investing in digital payment solutions and underscores the value they can bring to your dispensary.

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