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Solutions for all types of teams

No matter which part of the organization you're in, you can keep your team running efficiently with Dispense.

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At all types of dispensaries

From privately-owned local stores to multi-state operators, Dispense works for any type of cannabis retailer.

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Multi-State Operators

Dispense is made for MSOs: Easily control dispensary operations across all of your stores, while making sure you are adhering to state regulations. Standardize your operations and configure settings at the organization-level.

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Organizational view

Data is shared across all your locations so you can get a single, clear view of your performance.

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Consistent Customer UX

Configure your dispensary settings to maintain consistency and control in your operations.

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State compliance

Dispense makes sure that all state rules are followed.

Single-State Operators

SSOs have some of the same requirements as MSOs: you want to be able to create consistent experiences for your customers across the organization and manage that in one place. Dispense has SSOs covered.

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Local Stores

We're not just for large organizations, Dispense also empowers small businesses with the technology and tools they need to thrive in the economy.

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Delivery Depots

Dispense also supports delivery-only dispensaries that don't have a physical location.

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Dispense is built for organizations of all sizes.

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