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Increase AOV and acquire customers through discount pricing strategies

Dispense makes creating discounts and deals easy via our fully customizable deals engine.

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Promo Codes

Optionally add a promo code in order to redeem a deal.

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See how your deals performed via redemption analytics.

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Minimum Spend

Set a minimum amount required to redeem the offer.

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Item level discounts

Product level discounts are one of the discount types you can use to encourage shoppers into purchasing a specific product, and they are an effective way to raise your average order value. Discounts will automatically be added when the customer places the item in their cart.

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Cart Discounts

Apply a dollar amount or percentage discount to the entire cart. Optionally put this behind a promo code or a minimum spend.

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Buy X, Get Y

Dispense's Buy X, Get Y, let's you build creative promotions for your cannabis dispensary. Create deals like "Buy 2 eighths, get a free preroll".

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Use Dispense to create BOGO deals, like "Buy one, get one free" or "Buy one, get one 50% off".

BOGO discounts are a popular way to create promotions that reward existing customers and boost sales.

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Flat Amount aka Bundles

Bundle several products or use mix and match for a flat dollar amount.

A mix and match discount gives customers a discount when they purchase a specific combination of products, like buy any 3 eighths for $100.

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Store segmentation

Deals live at the organization-level, so you can either create a deal that spans all stores at your organization, or for a specific store to keep things consistent.

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Promo codes

Optionally set promo codes for any offer type. Run campaigns to reward loyal customers or encourage a repeat visit.

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Customer Deals UX

Customize your menu to let customers shop all deals and discounts.

Dispensary Deals Resources

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A Dispensary Guide to Promotions and Discounts

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