Cannabis Dispensary Kiosk Ordering

In-store kiosks for self-service ordering

Use in-store kiosks for better customer experiences, lower operational costs, and increased revenue.

dispensary online ordering platform
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Self-service ordering

In-store kiosks allows your customer to browse your menu and input their own orders.

dispensary kiosk mode in store

Compliant and Secure

If Kiosk Mode times out due to inactivity or after the customer places their order, it will remove all data from the customer's cart, keeping your customer data secure and keeping the dispensary compliant.

dispense kiosks

Increased revenue

By allowing your customers to get their product quickly without having to stand in a long line, your dispensary can drastically increase your sales with kiosks.

Flexible Hardware & Browser

Use Dispense's kiosk-optimized menu on any device: Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Dispense's kiosk menus work with any device type and at any breakpoint.