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Dispensary software for custom online ordering experiences

Create an ecommerce website for your cannabis dispensary backed by powerful tools that help you retain customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day cannabis retail operations.

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SEO Menu

Stop giving away your sales to marketplaces. Our SEO optimized eCommerce menu for dispensaries lives on your domain and gives you optimized product content, meta data, and URL structures – all readable by search engines. Cannabis digital menus done the right way to boost revenue.

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POS integrations

Dispense integrates with many POS systems to automatically sync products and inventory across your cannabis retail shop. Your online store will always be up to date.

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Cannabis Digital Menu

With our customizable cannabis menu, you have complete control over the products you offer and how they are displayed on your site. You can highlight your best-selling items, showcase new products, and create custom categories. Easily and quickly rearrange your menu items, and you can even create custom product descriptions to provide detailed information about your offerings.

Create a menu that is branded to your business and optimized to deliver the best possible shopping experience for your customers.

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Mobile optimized

Because most purchases happen on the phone, Dispense is built mobile-first to optimize the purchasing and checkout funnel.

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Product Effects

Display the effects and terpenes of each item on your menu so your customers can easily find exactly what they are looking for.

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Efficient Communication

We handle all customer interactions via email and text.

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Secure Digital Payments

Digital payments are an essential part of running an online store. Dispense integrates with several online cannabis payment providers. All transactions are secure, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your customers' information is safe.

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Frictionless Buying & Checkout

Mobile optimized purchasing and checkout helps customers find what they are looking for and gets them through the purchase funnel quickly. Return customers can easily save their information for a faster checkout process.

The Dispense platform also supports guest checkout for customers who prefer not to create an account and remain anonymous. With our streamlined checkout process, you'll be able to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales for your dispensary business.

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Deals and Discounts

Attract and retain customers with effective discount pricing strategies. Dispense offers a variety of options for creating and managing discounts, from percentage-based discounts to promo codes and more.

Track the performance of your discounts and make informed decisions to drive sales and increase customer loyalty. With our flexible discount options, you'll be able to offer incentives and reward your customers in a way that works best for your business.

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Customer Product Ratings

Encourage customer engagement and build trust with customer reviews. Customers can rate and review products that they've purchased. You have control over what gets posted: approve or reject reviews.

Customer reviews provide valuable feedback for your business and serve as social proof for potential customers.

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Schedule offers

Schedule your offers and discounts ahead of time to take some of the manual work out of building your dispensary menu app.

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Tap into our Product Catalog

Automatically fill in missing product data from hundreds-of-thousands of products from our Dispense Product Catalog, making onboarding seamless.

Cannabis Compliance Software

We ensure complete dispensary compliance and adhere to all state-specific laws concerning cannabis distribution, including purchase limits for your online dispensary menu.

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Dispensary ecommerce for retailers that want to own their shopping experiences

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