Dispensary CRM

A cannabis CRM for better customer relationships

Learn more about your customers than ever before with Dispense's CRM built for cannabis businesses. Focus on retention, repeat visits, customer service, and targeted marketing efforts.

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Cannabis Dispensary CRM that works for you

Get insight into customers’ buying patterns, demographics, purchase history, and preferences with Dispense's dispensary CRM software. Eliminate time-consuming, manual processes, so you can focus on prospect and customer interactions.

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Key Customer Insights

Gain valuable insights into your customers and make data-driven decisions with our cannabis CRM software. Use your CRM data to improve your customer experience, target your marketing efforts more effectively, and increase sales.

cannabis crm, dispensary crm, marijuana crm

Chat history

Dispense makes communicating with customers easy with our cannabis chat feature. With the ability to track customer interactions, purchase history, and feedback, you'll have all the information you need to make data-informed decisions and drive your business revenue. With our CRM, you can be confident that you have the full picture of your customers and their needs.

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Export and own your data

Get the customer data you need with a click of a button. Download a CSV of your dispensary CRM data to bring into Excel for further insights or for campaign management by sales and marketing teams.

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POS Integrated

Don't worry about entering your customer data in multiple places; by integrating with your dispensary’s POS, Dispense automatically pushes all of the customer data you need into the POS, so you can focus on building great customer relationships.

cannabis crm, dispensary crm, marijuana crm

Personalized Marketing

With Dispense's cannabis CRM, you get access to all your order and customer data in one place. This allows you to understand your customers' preferences, identify trends, and create personalized experiences for your customers, like offering deals based on purchase history and consumer behavior. Increase your customer engagement for higher AOV and repeat visits or run retention marketing campaigns for customers who haven't purchased in a while.

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