Build a custom marketing strategy + grow sales

Turn ideas into trusted customer relationships by bringing your people, partners and tools together in one central place.

dispensary online ordering platform
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Increase your AOV

With features like product suggestions and quick reordering, plus easy searching and filtering, customers will find what they need and add more to their cart.

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Loyalty Integration

Via our loyalty integrations, you can understand your customers to create brand loyalty and repeat visits.

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Consistent UX + branding

Manage marketing and branding at the organizational-level to keep the buying experience consistent for customers and make your life easier.

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SEO Menu

The right choice for marketers looking to boost SEO: No more giving your sales away to marketplaces, this option lives on your domain and gives you highly optimized product content, meta data, and URL structures and is readable by search engines.

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cannabis CRM offers deals discounts

Deals and Discounts

Sell cannabis online and offer your customers discounts and deals like BOGOs or put items on sale.

customer data and crm


Learn more about your customers than ever before with Dispense's CRM. Focus on retention, repeat visits, customer service, and targeted marketing efforts.

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cannabis ecommerce analytics


Data is shared across all your locations so you can get a single, clear view of your performance. Establish marketing trends and patterns by tracking top-selling items, popular pickup times, and most frequent shoppers.

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dispensary loyalty management software

Custom Menus

Highlight bestselling and high-profit products or brands - or your own brand - and create custom categories.

banners, marketing, cannabis marketing

Custom Marketing Visuals

Use our banners to add marketing visuals to promote brands, deals, and news at your dispensary.

cannabis user feedback product ratings

Product ratings and reviews

Get customer feedback and allow customers to shop for highly rated products. You control what gets posted.

Marketing Integrations


Dispense integrates with Google Analytics

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Dispense integrates with Google Tag Manager

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Dispense integrates with Surfside Analytics

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Dispense integrates with Springbig Loyalty

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dispense and alpine iq


Dispense integrates with Alpine IQ

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Turn your website into a sales machine with Dispense

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