Introducing the Dispense App: For on the move dispensary management

What is the Dispense Mobile App?

Dispense understands that dispensary management often happens while you're on the move around your store. That's why we're excited to launch the Dispense Mobile App, for on-the-move queue and order management. Use the app to reduce customer wait times and speed up your check in flow.

Dispensary Management Features

QR code scanner: Scan customer QR codes for instant check ins at the door.

Order management: See your list of orders for the day or navigate to other dates to check out order volume.

View and search for orders: View and find orders using search and filters.

Order details: View customer order details and change the order status:

Manual check-ins: Check customers in and move them along in the queue.

Organizational-level features: Staff members that may work across multiple stores in your organization can easily switch between them if needed.

Phone & Tablet Support

The Dispense Mobile App works on all iOS Phones and Tablets. No extra hardware is required.

Learn More

If you're currently a Dispense customer and want to start using the Dispense Mobile App, contact us. Interested in learning more about Dispense? Complete the form below, and a member of our team will contact you soon.

Chelsea Officer

Chelsea is the Director of Product at Dispense and has been with the company since the beginning. With a background in both D2C and B2B SaaS startups, Chelsea excels at designing and building scalable, user-friendly products. Connect with Chelsea on LinkedIn.

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