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Meet Dispense, the eCommerce Platform Making Waves in the Cannabis Industry

Shannon Finkel

The cannabis industry is buzzing about us for a reason! Introducing Dispense, the most advanced eCommerce and order management software on the market today.

We're not just your typical online ordering platform. For starters, we keep your customer data exclusive to you, meaning unlike our competitors, only you can own it, access it, and market to it. But more on that later.

Dispense puts dispensary management at your fingertips (literally—it's through a web-based application) with tools to manage the entire purchasing process from start to finish. And we offer some key integrations to boot. The other distinguishable part? Our entire team has a background in hospitality, which means we care about people: our customers and yours. The end result is your ability to establish long-lasting, valuable relationships with your customers by providing them with customizable buying experiences that scale.

Without further ado, let's break down the basics of Dispense, feature by feature.

Menu Widgets: Does it get any easier than the 'ol copy and paste? That's all it takes to embed an eCommerce widget to the backend of your website. Dispense provides two lines of code to paste, and your online selling capabilities will be up within minutes. Once your menu items sync from your POS system, you can hand pick the order products appear in, the categories they fall under, and how they're marketed (i.e. highlighting product specials and deals as a banner up top).

Online Ordering: Dispense puts an emphasis on convenient, highly-satisfying shopping experiences. Your website visitors will be able to make a purchase anytime, anywhere, from any device, in a fully-compliant order, and no registration or login will ever be required for them to check out.

Pickups: Not only can your customers place an order online, but they can also select the exact date and time to pick it all up. Dispense supports both in-store and curbside pickups for even more convenience. At arrival, all you need to do is scan their QR code to check them in, and your order fulfillment team will be notified right away.

Order Queues: We can all agree: nobody likes waiting in line. That's why Dispense gives you the option to allocate quantities to time slots and auto-assign customers to queues once they get marked for pickup, allowing you to handle large quantities of customers in an organized fashion.

Data Control & Compliance: As a strictly B2B platform, Dispense gives you complete ownership of your customer data and their purchase history. We'll never market to your database or sell your information. How many cannabis eCommerce platforms can say that?

Customer Chat: Emails and phones calls can be an unreliable and time-consuming way to communicate. Instead, reach your customers via text message to confirm orders, communicate changes, answer questions, and provide support—all through the Dispense dashboard. How's that for customer service? A history of your chat will remain, quickly accessible for the future if needed.

POS Integration: Connect your POS system to automatically sync products, live menu item availability, and price points into Dispense. You'll thank us later for eliminating manual data entry and reducing human errors.

Loyalty Program Integration: If your dispensary has a loyalty program, you can offer your customers instant registration to it during checkout, before their order is submitted. They can view their available points and select the exact reward(s) of their choosing once logged in, too. We highly recommend this integration, as loyalty programs encourage future purchases and help turn first-time buyers into lifelong ones.

Analytics: To make better business decisions, you need access to two things: data and analytics. Dispense provides both, informing you about your dispensary, how it's performing, and what's trending so you can improve as you go.

Staff Management: No sharing logins here! With Dispense, each of your staff members will get their own username and password to maximize security, along with specific permissions that are controlled by you.

Why choose us?

In case you need a little more convincing, here's the gist of it: Dispense seamlessly connects the dots between ordering cannabis online and scheduling a pickup at your dispensary, facilitating a smoother, more enjoyable experience for your customers and a better, more valuable one for your business. In turn, you'll connect, build, and nurture strong relationships with those who buy from you—which has been the goal of Dispense from the get-go.

Beyond that, our product itself couldn't be easier to use. Dispense has an intelligently-designed interface that makes dispensary management a breeze, no matter how “techie” of a person you are. Even while having state-of-the art features and functionality, our dashboard is practical, simple, and so effortless to navigate, you'll be up and running almost immediately.

If for some reason you’re not completely happy using us, you’ll have the choice to cancel within your first 30 days of activation and receive a full refund. No questions asked. We’re also so confident you’ll love Dispense that you can cancel with a 30-day notice at any point.

What are other dispensaries saying?

We thought you'd never ask.

"One of the greatest powers of Dispense is that it’s flexible to a myriad of setups that we have within our stores, and that it can be used in so many ways to support the operations and physicality of the space. Not all dispensaries are the same so that flexibility is critical." -Don S., VP of Retail

"It has been a true pleasure having [Dispense] as our new eCommerce and order management software. Southern Illinois would not have broken the records we did this year without it!” -Kathleen O., Regional Director, Illinois

"Dispense provides much better and immediate support than our previous provider! On top of that, they are willing to make custom changes to their software that better our business as a whole." -Blayne F., Regional IT Support Analyst

The most basic way to break it down is like this: you won't find a better, easier, more efficient way to manage your dispensary, online orders, and customers than with Dispense. Come take us for a test drive by visiting us at dispenseapp.com. We'll leave you wondering how your dispensary ever succeeded without it.