Meet Dispense: Cannabis eCommerce and dispensary management

What we do

Dispensaries know their customers better than anyone. Dispensary software should give them the flexibility and control needed to make the right decisions and offer exceptional service.

Dispense provides cannabis businesses simple-to-use tools to boost sales and manage operations - on your own terms.

Our eCommerce software empowers dispensaries to sell online, increase traffic, build customer relationships and scale businesses. And with our customizable dispensary management functionality, everything integrates easily into your specific operation.
Dispense is not a marketplace; you always own your data so your efforts never benefit your competitors. That means better customer relationships and more online visibility.


Our Story

Our Dispense co-founding team formally built and managed Tablelist and TablelistPro, an online nightlife and venue management platform.

In March 2020, the pandemic put a stop to all nightlife and also presented challenges in other industries: cannabis.

Kyla received a text from a cannabis retailer that needed help managing capacity in their dispensary. This was the actual text message that started it all:

In that moment, we decided to pivot and took the software we had built that allowed customers to book time slots at nightclubs and repurposed it to help cannabis dispensaries manage their customer purchases and pick-ups.

Seeing the need for more end-to-end functionality, we then started to build out the product you see today: back-of-the-house dispensary management and customer-facing eCommerce.

We brought our hospitality, customer-centric mindset into building Dispense as we recognize the importance of customer service in driving your bottom line.



Kyla Sirni and Tim Officer, Dispense's co-founders


How has the product evolved?

We were able to repurpose a lot of pieces of our old product to better fit cannabis dispensaries and have since added many new features. We love building customer-first experiences and are excited to continue to iterate and refine the product.



Here are some of our notable features:

Ecommerce features

‍eCommerce Menu: Dispense's SEO Menu option is best for dispensaries looking to boost and optimize their SEO. No more giving your sales away to marketplaces, this option lives on your domain and gives you highly optimized product content, meta data, and URL structures and is readable by search engines.

Customizable menus: Your menu items sync from your POS system, you can hand pick the order products appear in, the categories they fall under, and how they're marketed (e.g. highlighting product specials and deals as a banner up top).

Online ordering: Dispense puts an emphasis on convenient, highly-satisfying shopping experiences. Your website visitors will be able to make a purchase anytime, anywhere, from any device, in a fully-compliant order, and no registration or login will ever be required for them to check out.

Dispensary management features

Dispensary Management: From multi-state operators (MSOs), to locally owned dispensaries, Dispense has solutions for all types of operations. Customers can place orders online and then you can manage them in Dispense.

Multiple order types, including pickups & delivery: Dispense supports in-store pick ups, curbside pick ups, delivery, walk-ups, and kiosk ordering, giving your customers flexible purchase options. They can schedule a time that works for them, which allows you to manage capacity and plan ahead for fulfillment. With the curbside option, you can give your customers a contactless buying experience.

Queue management: Use our mobile app to scan QR codes and get customers in the door faster. Plus, control customer flow by enabling queue management for In Store pick ups.

Customer Chat: Save time on phone calls and emails by using our customer chat feature. Send and receive SMS text messages directly through the app to handle communication and answer any questions that may come up. Their chat history is automatically tied to that customer in the CRM database.

CRM: Learn more about your customers than ever before with Dispense's CRM. Focus on retention, repeat visits, customer service, and targeted marketing efforts. As a strictly B2B platform, Dispense gives you complete ownership of your customer data and their purchase history. We'll never market to your database or sell your information.

Analytics: To make better business decisions, you need access to two things: data and analytics. Dispense provides both, informing you about your dispensary, how it's performing, and what's trending so you can improve as you go.

Staff Management: Each of your staff members will get their own username and password to maximize security, along with specific permissions that are controlled by you.


From POS to delivery integrations, connect your favorite tools to manage everything in Dispense. These are just a few, but we're always adding more:

POS Integration: Connect your POS system to automatically sync products, live menu item availability, and price points into Dispense.

Loyalty Program Integration: If your dispensary has a loyalty program, you can offer your customers instant registration to it during checkout before their order is submitted. They can view their available points and select rewards.


We're just getting started

At Dispense, we’re committed to building the best cannabis eCommerce and dispensary management platform. If our mission resonates with you and you’re interested in joining our team or having a conversation with us, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Dispense Team

Dispense is ecommerce software for cannabis dispensaries. We give dispensaries the tools they need to list and sell products on their own website, leverage their menus and data to drive SEO traffic, build direct relationships with their customers, and scale their businesses.

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