Webinar: "Dispensary Near Me," The Million Dollar Search

From July 2023

Hybrid Marketing Co’s Director of Marketing, Tyler Jacobson, was joined by Dispense Business Development Manager Jeremy Johnson for a webinar outlining the critical steps every dispensary brand needs to take to dominate organic search.

The webinar focuses on showing up organically for online search queries like “dispensary near me.”


Because in the rapidly evolving cannabis market, one thing remains consistent—consumers always search for the best dispensary in town. And they’re turning to search engines like Google to find them.

Your customers are on a quest, and “dispensary near me” is their spell to find you. But are you showing up?

Watch the Webinar

Dispense Team

Dispense is ecommerce software for cannabis dispensaries. We give dispensaries the tools they need to list and sell products on their own website, leverage their menus and data to drive SEO traffic, build direct relationships with their customers, and scale their businesses.

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