Alpine IQ and Dispense

Loyalty with Alpine IQ.
eCommerce with Dispense.

Pull in data to power analytics, loyalty and marketing initiatives.


What is Alpine IQ?

Alpine IQ is the leading data and marketing solutions provider for cannabis retailers and brands. Use data management, omni channel marketing, analytics and event tracking to protect, segment, promote, and sync all in-store and online operations.

What is Dispense?

Dispense is eCommerce and order management software for cannabis dispensaries. Unlike third-party marketplaces, you own your data and customers, and can leverage this data to boost SEO and drive sales to your site.

How it works

The Dispense integration with Alpine IQ allows dispensaries to have a loyalty program right within the Dispense eCommerce flow. Customers can sign up and earn and redeem points. Alpine IQ offers a full suite of tools to protect, segment, promote, and sync consumer experiences both in-store and online. The Alpine product lineup includes many components that work seamlessly on top of cannabis-specific 3rd parties to power loyalty systems, mobile apps, text messaging, point of sale, marketing automation, referral programs, store review automation, in-store screens, and more. Through the Dispense integration, customers can view, accrue, and redeem rewards while placing an order for a seamless checkout experience.

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Custom loyalty

Personalize loyalty rewards based on each customer's behavior. Easily customize reward accruals, tiers, points modifiers, expiration windows, and more.

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Protect points

Alpine IQ tracks redemption opens and conversion orders regardless of your POS. Stop points theft with the only 2FA verified wallet in cannabis.

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Alpine IQ keeps logs of customer interactions for regulatory audits. Stay compliant with local and international cannabis loyalty messaging laws.

Help Doc

How to setup the Alpine IQ integration in Dispense

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Help Doc

How to setup the Dispense integration in Alpine IQ

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Alpine IQ Announces Integration with Dispense

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Alpine IQ announces abandon cart functionality with Dispense's public API

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