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Dispense + Headset

Headset has become an official partner for Dispense, helping our customers gain unparalleled insights from their cannabis data and analytics platform.

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What is Headset?

Your retail operation has many moving pieces; knowing where to focus your time and effort matters. With Headset Retailer, you'll have a detailed view into the KPIs that drive day-to-day performance as well as market data to track how your store stacks up to the competition. Start identifying gaps in your store's operations and build effective solutions in real-time.

What is Dispense?

Dispense is eCommerce and order management software for cannabis dispensaries. Unlike third-party marketplaces, you own your data and customers, and can leverage this data to boost SEO and drive sales to your site.

Headset is for:


Retail owners

Managing employees and crafting the perfect schedule for your staff is often a juggling act. With the Sales Staff dashboards in Retailer Pulse, you can track employee performance & product affinity to simplify the process and build staffing schedules that drive revenue.

Store & inventory managers

Stop losing money due to gaps and misses with your inventory strategy. With Retailer Pulse, you'll have a comprehensive view of your inventory with actionable insights to eliminate stock-outs, free up excess carry and streamline the reordering process with vendors.


Growing a loyal customer base & running effective marketing programs all relies on data. Retailer Premium simplifies your process with campaign & channel measurement, allowing you to justify your marketing spend and develop strategic promotions that target customers who drive the most revenue.

Dispense 🤝 Headset

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