Dispense + PLS

PLS has become an official partner for Dispense, providing businesses and organizations with hardware for their software applications, as well as managed services and IT support.

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PLS and Dispense

What is PLS?

PLS is an IT vendor and MSP located in Tempe, AZ. PLS is proud to be an official hardware partner for Dispense. The PLS team can provide a custom array of hardware and accessories certified to work with the Dispense platform.

What is Dispense?

Dispense is eCommerce and order management software for cannabis dispensaries. Unlike third-party marketplaces, you own your data and customers, and can leverage this data to boost SEO and drive sales to your site.

Why PLS?

PLS is an official Partner for ELO Touch and Acrelec. This allows us to offer end users best-of-class Kiosk Solutions for projects of all sizes. In addition, we can provide on-site installations, field service, and long-term hardware support to Dispense end users across North America. Plus, PLS is a 100% Minority Owned Business Enterprise.

Dispense 🤝 PLS

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