3 Reasons Why Dispensaries are Ditching iFrame Menus

Using an iFrame menu to power your online dispensary? It might be hurting your business. Not sure what an iFrame menu is? Let's get into it.

An inline frame (iFrame) is an HTML element that loads another HTML page within the document. This means iFrames are essentially a webpage within a webpage. And you can easily check if your site is using an iFrame by right-clicking on the page. If there's an option to "View frame source," that's an iFrame -- and it's probably impacting sales.

Why Dispensaries are Ditching iFrame Menus

1. No SEO value.

When customers search for brands, products or strains, Google won’t show results from iFrame menus because it can’t crawl that page in detail.

2. Lack of data ownership.

When you use an iFrame menu hosted by a marketplace, there is a fundamental conflict of interest because you are sharing all customer and transaction data with a 3rd party who’s sole goal is to sell cannabis – regardless of which retailer it comes from.

3. Limited customization.

Once you’ve seen one iFrame menu, you’ve seen them all. iFrame menus tend to look alike and are branded by the marketplace you’re using. So customers are experiencing the marketplace brand before your dispensary brand – on your own website.

Dispense is different. Dispense software empowers dispensaries with dynamic tools like SEO optimized menus that ensure customers find your website when searching for brands, strains, and products. And with our customizable menus, you get full control over the customer experience and ensure your brand stands out.

Dispense Team

Dispense is ecommerce software for cannabis dispensaries. We give dispensaries the tools they need to list and sell products on their own website, leverage their menus and data to drive SEO traffic, build direct relationships with their customers, and scale their businesses.

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