Maximizing Customer Relationships with Cannabis CRM Software

Any customer that visits your dispensary has the potential to turn into a repeat visitor. Cultivating that relationship means staying in that customer's mind post-visit. Keeping customers is a cost-effective way to boost revenue, as acquiring new customers is much more expensive than retaining existing ones.

To build an effective customer relationship strategy in the cannabis industry you need tools: this is where a cannabis CRM comes into play.

What is a cannabis CRM?

CRM stands for "customer relationship management", and the software does just that. A cannabis CRM solution helps you stay in touch with customers, generate repeat visits, and increase dispensary sales. What once lived in the budtender's brain, now can be shared across an organization to help improve the customer experience across the board.

A cannabis dispensary CRM can streamline various processes, including customer data management, sales, marketing, and customer support, to help cannabis companies optimize their customer-facing operations.

CRM for cannabis ecommerce

A CRM that integrates with your cannabis retail ecommerce ecommerce software provider will be able to collect customer data, track customer purchasing behavior, and compile a full view of that customer automatically, so that you can better target your marketing efforts.

Cannabis CRM features

One of the defining features of a cannabis CRM is its ability to effectively manage customer data. This includes information such as customer details, order history, and contact information, which is essential for better understanding customers and tailoring marketing efforts accordingly. Additionally, this data can be used to track sales, monitor customer satisfaction, and generate reports that aid in making data-driven business decisions.

Cannabis CRM software provides valuable tools for sales and marketing to track and evaluate campaigns. This includes the ability to automate marketing efforts such as email and SMS marketing, reaching target audiences more effectively.

How a CRM Boosts Customer Engagement and Retention for Cannabis Businesses

A cannabis CRM provides many benefits for your business, including:

Targeted Email Campaigns

Attract new customers and keep in touch with old regulars through email campaigns. The CRM helps you create customer lists to deliver personalized messages. With your loyalty program, you can track the open rate of your emails and make necessary adjustments to keep your campaigns effective. Also schedule follow-up messages to lapsed customers, increasing the chances of winning them back.

Customer Ordering Insights

Get a complete picture of your customers' ordering patterns by using a cannabis CRM. This tool helps you analyze customer data and provide relevant information for a more consultative and suggestive customer experience.

Tailored Loyalty Program

The cannabis CRM provides the information you need to reward your loyal customers. You can design your loyalty program to fit your business, with customizable rewards and redemption requirements. You'll also have a clear view of your repeat customers and who is eligible for reward incentives.

Which cannabis CRM software is best for me?

cannabis crm

By setting up your ecommerce store with Dispense’s built-in cannabis CRM, you can easily gain insight into your customer’s buying patterns, purchase history, and preferences. Eliminate the time-consuming guesswork in tracking your customers' purchasing habits, while deepening your understanding of the consumer and improving the communication to your dispensary’s growing audience.

Dispense connects with both your POS and your loyalty program, so you can share all customer data with your integrations, eliminating duplicate data entry. See our full list of integrations.

With Dispense, you own all of your customers and their data. Unlike other ecommerce providers that are hosted by marketplaces, Dispense will never sell or share your customer data. Marketplaces have a fundamental conflict of interest because you are sharing all customer and transaction data with a third party whose sole goal is to sell cannabis – regardless of which retailer it comes from. When you aren’t given explicit ownership, it’s impossible to know exactly what a provider is doing with your valuable customer data. Trust Dispense with your cannabis CRM needs.

Dispense Team

Dispense is ecommerce software for cannabis dispensaries. We give dispensaries the tools they need to list and sell products on their own website, leverage their menus and data to drive SEO traffic, build direct relationships with their customers, and scale their businesses.

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