How Dispensaries Can Pivot After Cashless ATM Crackdown

At the beginning of December, cashless ATMs in cannabis dispensaries suddenly shut down overnight.

The “point of banking” system used customer bank cards to make withdrawals. These withdrawals were designed to appear as though they were coming from different addresses. This was a loophole attempting to get around credit-card providers banning cannabis transactions.

Compliant Alternatives to the Cashless ATM

The cashless ATM practice accounts for 25% of all U.S. cannabis sales. But with the sudden shutdown, dispensaries have been scrambling for solutions and informing customers to use cash for their cannabis hauls. Though cash is king, the ease of cashless interactions is undeniable, and something we’ve become accustomed to in every other part of our consumer experience. Fortunately, there are safe and compliant cashless alternatives to the recent crackdown. 


Aeropay is the top-rated compliant payments solution for the cannabis industry. With Aeropay, customers can use a mobile device to link to their bank and pay. Dispensaries can accept contactless payments for in-store purchases, online pickup, and cashless delivery. 

With no hardware to set up or apps to download, customers simply scan a QR code, link to their bank, and pay. Aeropay uses the highest levels of fraud detection, prevention, and real-time risk assessment to keep your payments safe and secure.

Think it couldn’t get better? Customers spend an average of 25%+ per order when paying with Aeropay. First-time customers can sign up in under a minute and customers who pay with Aeropay have a 75% returning customer rate.

Learn more about the Aeropay x Dispense integration here.


You pay with credit for most purchases, so why not cannabis?

KindTap is a digital payments platform that allows customers to Pay Now through a seamless bank account connection or Pay Later with a revolving line of credit. There are no physical cards and customers access KindTap through a mobile app.

It's not a workaround -- it's credit. KindTap is 100% compliant with the most rigid regulations and laws governing the cannabis industry.

Applying for KindTap is quick and easy. Plus, KindTap works with most major banks. KindTap is safer for customers and safer for dispensaries by minimizing time spent handling bills.

Learn more about the KindTap x Dispense integration here.

Swifter ACH powered by Treez

Treez is the leading enterprise commerce platform for cannabis retailers. It provides solutions for point of sale, cashless payments, analytics, compliance, and integrations.

Swifter ACH offers secure, convenient, integrated cashless payment options that increase revenue and drive better customer experiences. TreezPay supports debit and ACH payments. This drives increased sales and reduces the risk of cash on-site. It also makes shopping easier for customers.

Customers who pay online tend to buy more, and shop more frequently. Reap the benefits of 2x cart value and 10x delighted customers with SwifterACH. The service is 100% compliant with the stringent laws and regulations governing the cannabis industry, so there's zero risk for your dispensary or your customers.

Learn more about the SwiterACH x Dispense integration here.

Integrate with Dispense

cannabis payments

All of these solutions are 100% compliant and secure, so you never have to worry about another overnight surprise impacting your payments. Increase your cart sizes and drive revenue with a Dispense contactless payment partner and simple integration setup.

Dispense plus payment integrations can bring your cannabis ecommerce business more revenue and streamline operations.

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