How Dispense helps Dispensaries with Order Fulfillment


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering or using Dispense as a menu and want to know what we offer in terms of order fulfillment.

One of the reasons we’ve built Dispense is to reduce silos in the order management process – which includes order fulfillment.

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of our features and how Dispense can make your fulfillment processes more efficient in-store. 

What is Order Fulfillment?

Order Fulfillment is the process of ensuring orders reach the customer after they decide to purchase from your store.

It’s part of the Order Management process, which typically looks like this at your dispensary.

Here’s the thing about order fulfillment though: it often happens in a silo from the rest of your technical operations, which disadvantages your budtenders and ultimately your customer. 

Have you ever run into any of these issues before?

1. Budtenders missing a ticket printed off at separate register 

2. Running out of product before an order is picked up by a customer 

3. Confusing logistics around where or when to pack an order 

4. Lack of coordination between staff during high traffic orders 

These all relate to order fulfillment – and Dispense has a ton of features to help you with these issues today.  

Designate Printers for Weedmaps & Leafly Orders 

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard stories about budtenders missing Weedmaps and Leafly orders because they’re printed off at a separate printer. 

You know first-hand how confusing it can be to make sure you’re managing separate printers for separate order types.

With Dispense, you can unify your marketplace orders to the same printer that feeds all your other orders.

In addition to that, Dispense collects orders coming from marketplaces– and all other sources– into a single dashboard for you to use. 

Our platform makes it easy for budtenders and store managers to process new tickets coming in through by reducing printing and reporting silos between your marketing channels.

Say goodbye to ticket confusion and hello to ticket coordination. 

Route Orders to Different Registers by Order Type 

If you have multiple order types (pick-up, delivery, in-store) available at your store, you might need a way to route customers to the right area.

Some dispensaries solve this by putting up signage to indicate where certain customers should go to place an order.

However, coordinating this on the backend can still be challenging.

If you only have one register, then you still have to manually coordinate tickets to the proper counter, which risks slow-downs or potential errors.

With Dispense, you can choose which registers receive certain order types.

Now your staff managing your medical drive-through orders can process them with ease. Or maybe you want to separate pickups from in-stores to decrease waiting times.

Dispense gives you full control on the backend to carry out your front-of-house order processing procedures. 

Pack Orders After Pickup Customers Check-In

How long do your budtenders spend packing up pickup orders that weren’t received? One hour? A few more than that?

Packing unreceived orders can be a major pain point for staff, especially if you’d rather have your team selling than repackaging in the back-of-house.

With the Dispense check-in feature, pick up customers have to check in before triggering the notification to staff to pack an order.

Budtenders can also use Dispense’s mobile app to check in customers, which reduces friction from the pickup process.

Now your budtenders don’t have to spend those extra hours packing and can continue selling or getting through tasks needed that day.


Set Up Queues & Kiosks for High Volume Times 

If you run a dispensary with high volume hours, chances are there are times when your staff have to be on it to turnover orders fast enough. 

No customer likes to wait too long to receive their order, and if you have regulars coming in during high-volume hours, shouldn’t they be able to skip ahead and place their order faster?

With Dispense kiosks, they can. 

Dispense kiosks open up a way to capture orders from customers waiting in-store. All they have to do is place an order then pay at the register.

That means less time waiting in line!

Dispense kiosks are also hardware agnostic. You open up a specific URL on your tablet of choice and customers can see the same menu they’d use online, ensuring a consistent experience.

It’s actually what our customer Ascend uses to keep their New Jersey location in top shape for processing orders during high-volume hours. 

Matt Dell

Matt Dell is a fractional marketing director for early-stage B2B vertical SaaS startups. Matt started his career in B2B SaaS marketing for a bootstrap supply chain firm and marketing agency. Then took over marketing at a seed-stage software startup in the cannabis space. Now trying his hand at it again for as many companies out there. Connect with Matt on LinkedIn.

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