3 Ways to Build Trusted Customer Relationships with Cannabis Dispensary Software

With the industry projected to reach $74 billion by 2027, cannabis is here to stay.

And just like any other industry in the 21st century, cannabis is very much Online. Especially in the last few years, dispensaries have found a growing trend in online purchases, making the process of obtaining legal products for medicinal or adult-use even more accessible for more consumers. A clear win-win.

But that win can easily become a losing game if dispensaries don’t protect their data.

The influx of online cannabis retail purchases requires dispensaries to deepen the relationships between their business and their customers. And the best way to get to know your customer is through sales data.

We’ve discussed the benefits of powering online cannabis sales with Dispense App before, but this time we are dissecting three major factors that build trusted customer relationships through the help of your dispensary software.

1. Establish Customer Loyalty & Brand Recognition

According to BDSA’s 2022 Cannabis Consumer predictions, consumer purchasing habits this year will be driven more by brand recognition, terpene, and cannabinoid data rather than strain names and indica/sativa labeling.

Dispense makes it easy for users to list all of this information in their online menu, while fully promoting brand itself through customizable colors and logos. Dispense also empowers dispensaries to utilize customer sale data for further marketing purposes and strengthening trusted relationships. 

Third-party platforms can come with limitations; platforms may withhold important customer data, and, even worse, collect and then use your data to target your customers. Directly selling cannabis online to consumers through your own website (as opposed to a marketplace) mitigates these issues that could negatively impact your business.

By collecting – and keeping – your customer data through establishing this cannabis CRM (customer relationship management), your business can directly track and access any and all relevant consumer data for future marketing efforts and strategy. 

With Dispense, you claim full access and control over your shop’s analytics and reports, without having to share and sacrifice data to a third-party marketplace platform. 

Data is more than numbers and statistics. Data is a lifeline to your consumers. Collecting customer data enables you to easily target a new, larger audience while using consumers’ information to send announcements, promotions, and other marketing resources. Your customer data belongs to you, not the software you’re using. 

2. Personalize Customer Relationships & Communication 

In cannabis retail, the connection between the consumer and the brand is crucial. Today’s legal cannabis market is saturated with phrases like “the highest-quality bud” and “the purest, most potent cannabis oil”, enticing cannabis consumers with products that seem choice and premier. 

However, retail data over the years is proving there is much more to customer relationships than high-quality products. Establishing and managing customer relationships with your e-commerce marijuana dispensary is essential to the success of your overall operations. Purchasing is influenced by various factors, some of which are out of our control. But where dispensaries can influence purchasing is leveraging customer relationships. 

With Dispense App’s cannabis dispensary CRM, dispensaries can easily gain insight into their customer’s buying patterns, purchase history, and preferences. Eliminate the time-consuming guesswork in tracking your customers' purchasing habits, while deepening your understanding of the consumer and improving the communication to your dispensary’s growing audience. 

By setting up your e-commerce store with Dispense’s CRM, you help to manage and provide exactly what keeps those repeat customers coming back for more. 

3. Data Transparency is Key 

With Dispense, your cannabis business will reach more customers as an e-commerce platform independent of any third party marketplace platform. Because of this, you have full control of your customer data without having to share – and sometimes lose – it with a marketplace platform or competitors. 

Plus, Dispense allows you to gain key customer insights and analytics for each order. How does this customer typically spend? Are they trying a variety of products, or rebuying favorites? When are they visiting? Answering these questions means you can actively plan and strategize to funnel future sales leads. These are questions your data can answer, but only if you have access to it. And, with Dispense, your data always belongs to you. 

Having full transparency and ownership of your online cannabis dispensary menu is a major advantage in the growing cannabis retail industry. Dispense makes it simple for businesses to manage and own all of their customer data, so dispensaries can do what they do best: connect with people through cannabis. 

Confidently Manage Your Cannabis Dispensary CRM with Dispense App

At Dispense, we are dedicated to helping cannabis dispensaries build better customer relationships to ensure repeated visits and customer retention. Dispense is both medical marijuana dispensary software and for recreational stores, big and small.

Our reliable CRM strategy is designed to help your business gain insights, data, and other helpful metrics to set you up for success – all while doing the manual work for you! 

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