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Podcast: ProCanna USA

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Unlock the secret to mastering New York cannabis delivery and prepayments… before your competitors do!

Join ProCanna USAs Founder, Dede Perkins, talking with Jeremy Johnson- a cannabis industry expert on all things e-commerce, tech and retail.

Together, we’ll connect the dots of how to get your products to consumers, safely, legally and cost-effectively - through streamlined compliance operations!

Topics we will discuss:

- ACH / Proprietary credit options and limitations that come with

- Payment through e-commerce platforms

- Last mile delivery / compliance

- Who handles what roles

And more!

Dispense Team

Dispense is ecommerce software for cannabis dispensaries. We give dispensaries the tools they need to list and sell products on their own website, leverage their menus and data to drive SEO traffic, build direct relationships with their customers, and scale their businesses.