weedmaps and Dispense

Create a seamless shopping experience with Weedmaps + Dispense

Integrated cannabis eCommerce and order management solutions.

What is Weedmaps?

Weedmaps is a consumer-facing platform providing consumers with information regarding cannabis products, including online ordering, local retailer and brand listings, product discovery, and consumer education on cannabis and its history, uses, and legal status.

What is Dispense?

Dispense is eCommerce and order management software for cannabis dispensaries. Unlike third-party marketplaces, you own your data and customers, and can leverage this data to boost SEO and drive sales to your site.

How it works

The Dispense integration with Weedmaps creates a better shopping experience for customers with menu items that are up to date, so what’s on your menu is always in store. Streamline your store's workflow with simple order management and a realiable shopping experience customers can count on.

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Dispense Icon Time

Save Time

Gain workflow operational efficiencies with orders placed on Weedmaps automatically sent to your point of sale (POS) system for fulfillment or in-store pickup. Get time back to work on more strategic tasks since you don’t have to enter orders placed on Weedmaps into your POS system manually.

Dispense Icon Chat

Keep Customers Informed

Shoppers stay in the loop with SMS updates including order confirmations, orders ready for pick-up, orders canceled, and orders completed.

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Stay Consistent

Build loyalty through a reliable shopping experience. Save customers time and effort — what they see in your menu is available for pick-up or delivery.  

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Help Doc

How to setup the Weedmaps integration in Dispense

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Help Doc

How to setup the Dispense integration in Weedmaps

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