Partnering Up: How Cannabis Dispensaries are Teaming with Brands for Sponsorships

When shoppers land on your dispensary website, you want to direct their attention to the latest deals, the newest products, or perhaps a specific brand. Partnering up with a cannabis brand is a viable tactic to engage your customers, build relationships, and increase sales. Though marketing in the cannabis industry is notoriously tricky, it doesn’t have to be. The website you already have can be easily leveraged for brand sponsorships if you know where to look. 

The first step to any successful marketing campaign is always research. Understanding your customers is key in choosing the right brand to partner with. Analyze your buyer behavior from strains to product types before diving into marketing. Leverage your built-in dispensary CRM and Analytics through a cannabis software like Dispense to paint the picture of your target audience for your brand partnership. 

There may already be brands knocking on your dispensary door to partner with you. If not, you’ll need a good grasp on what your website and store have to offer an advertiser. When it comes to your site, use SEO tactics to increase everything from traffic to click-through rates to keyword results and session duration. Arming yourself with impressive stats will make your eCommerce menu all the more appealing to brands. Forget Weedmaps and Leafly – your website is your most valuable marketing tool. 

Now it’s time to dig in. Let’s get into the logistics of all the different ways your website can support brand sponsorships and marketing. 

Custom Banners

Look at the moneymaker: home sweet homepage. The first page your shoppers see could also be the last page if you don’t grab their attention. Rotating banners are the perfect way to offer premiere advertising space to a brand. These customizable menu banners can be easily changed to suit a particular campaign or promotional phase. 


Dispensary websites should offer the same flow and conveniences as traditional retail shopping. Shopping filters streamline the customer journey so they can find exactly what they are looking for in just a few clicks. With Dispense’s “Shop by Brand” filtering, users can quickly find your brand partner’s products and shop them all on one page. To further increase brand loyalty, Dispense offers a section below product suggestions that shows users more products from the brand they are currently viewing. 


In-store advertising may take shape through retractable pop-up banners and other printed materials, but costs can add up quickly and materials often go to waste, especially when juggling different brands or campaigns. Your in-store budget may be better spent on self-service kiosks to reap the benefits of larger cart sizes, increased customer satisfaction, and even employee retention. Dispense’s kiosk-optimized menu can be used on any device including Android, iOS, Windows, and more.

The average order value on kiosk transactions is $25 higher than traditional walk-up orders.

Brand-Sponsored Recipes

Partnering with brands is made even easier with AlpineIQ’s newly updated Brand-Sponsored Recipes tool, offering an innovative approach to partnering with cannabis brands. With a fresh UX and expanded functionality, both brands and retailers alike can use this collaborative tool to create highly converting pre-configured go-to-market campaigns for retail partners to use. Within the tool, brands can easily create their own campaigns including copy, creative assets, suggested target audiences, and marketing channels for retailers to quickly launch. After a retailer deploys the recipe to active customers, brands can then monitor key performance metrics and campaign performance.

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