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Cannabis Kiosks and Why Your Dispensary Needs Them


Walking into a McDonald’s today means coming face-to-face with a self-service kiosk, sometimes an entire fleet of them lining one side of the restaurant. Customers can forget the wait in line and the headache of repeating their order specifications – “no, I said extra ketchup and no pickles…yes, no pickles” – for a much smoother self-service process. Finally, they can order a quarter pounder, pay with a credit card, and pick it up from the counter in peace — customer bliss.  

After launching its in-store ordering kiosks in 2017, McDonald’s saw more than just happier customers. McDonald’s share price jumped a whopping 26%, outperforming initial market predictions. Fast forward to 2020 and the kiosk solution proved more important than ever in efforts to social distance in the wake of COVID-19 while still operating brick-and-mortar stores.

Buying weed with kiosks is no different. More and more dispensaries are implementing self-service kiosks in their stores, and for good reason, too. 

Dispense app on kiosks at Ascend in Rochelle Park, NJ

5 Reasons to Use Self-Service Kiosks in your Cannabis Dispensary

1. Increased customer satisfaction

Customer experience is at the forefront of retail. With cannabis still emerging as an industry, customers are adjusting to dispensary shopping instead of buying from their local plug, and many customers are experiencing dispensaries (and cannabis) for the first time. 

Self-service kiosks can ease many of the first-time dispensary nerves, allowing novice customers to fly solo, browsing in-depth at their leisure before seeking out employee assistance. Kiosks can be configured to guide customers down the purchase path with helpful pop-ups and product suggestions. For more seasoned shoppers, kiosks make it even easier to select their favorite products quickly and re-order previous hauls based on their account history.

2. Larger cart sizes

Any strategy that drives revenue is a winning one. Dispense self-service kiosks in 2022 had an AOV $25 more than traditional walk-up orders, proving both their operational efficiency and revenue boosting capabilities.

Kiosks also promote a more leisurely shopping experience. The more time customers spend browsing, the more likely they are to add extra items to their carts. Combining this with the abundant imagery, product details, and ease of customization, self-service kiosks are sure to boost your dispensary revenue.

3. Better loyalty

By offering a variety of shopping experiences, customers can feel more comfortable in your dispensary. Decreased wait times and smooth shopping experiences lead to positive customer transactions and increased loyalty to your store. And that loyalty can come back 10-fold when stores work with programs like Springbig and AlpineIQ to reward consistent customers. Both of these partners are fully integrated with Dispense to offer a seamless loyalty experience.

4. Happier employees

Your staff is the backbone of your dispensary operation. By implementing kiosks, employees spend less time taking orders and more time helping customers. Building face-to-face relationships will add another boost to customer loyalty. Your store can serve more customers in less time, and decrease employee stress during peak hours. Plus, happier employees will mean less turnover and reduced training costs.

5. Accessibility

Kiosks make cannabis more accessible to everyone. Kiosks make it easier for hard-of-hearing customers to have a smooth experience, being able to submit their order on their own. Plus, the self-service option is also helpful for customers with social anxiety or those who just prefer shopping on their own. 

Use Dispense to power your dispensary kiosks. Dispense’s kiosk-optimized menu can be used on any device including Android, iOS, Windows, and more. Dispense’s built-in kiosk mode is 100% compliant; if Kiosk Mode times out due to inactivity or after the customer places their order, it will remove all data from the customer's cart, keeping your customer data secure and keeping the dispensary compliant.

Dispense Kiosks

The Dispense app works on any hardware, so you can create dispensary displays of any kind. Simply attach an iPad or Android tablet to a kiosk stand with the Dispense App in Kiosk Mode and you're ready to start selling cannabis in-store without the need to add employees.

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