The Perfect Dispensary Menu Software: 5 Must-Have Features for Cannabis eCommerce

Building a dispensary tech stack can require hours of research, demos, and meetings. And, even after all that, it can still be difficult to choose which platform to use for your point-of-sale, loyalty, cashless payments, and so on. Cannabis eCommerce is no different, which is why we’ve compiled a list of must-have features to consider when choosing dispensary technology.

Why do I need dispensary eCommerce software?

Long gone are the days of leaving the house to shop. Though some customers prefer an in-store experience, most of the activity is happening online. Shoppers are enjoying the convenience and privacy of scouring local cannabis offerings in the comfort of their own homes. In order to capture this influx of website traffic and get more eyeballs on your brand, your dispensary needs an online storefront. When your dispensary menu lives online, you’ll reap the benefits of reaching more customers, increasing average order value, nurturing your CRM, and building brand loyalty. It’s a win-win all around.  

5 Essential Menu Software Features for Dispensary eCommerce

1. Dispensary SEO

Google is akin to the shopping mall of cannabis. When customers search for a strain or nearby dispensary, they are likely turning to a trusted search engine. In order to get in front of these users, your website and cannabis menu need to be search-engine optimized. Choosing a native dispensary menu app will improve your website traffic, secure your ownership over customer data, and offer flexible customization. Unfortunately, many dispensary eCommerce providers offer iFrame menu solutions, which are harmful to your website’s SEO and overall branding.

Dispense’s native SEO menu is ideal for dispensaries that want to improve their online presence automatically without any coding or maintenance. Dispense’s software enhances your menu so that every product, brand, and category is searchable to land your business in Google search results for the most searched cannabis keywords. As the fastest menu in cannabis, Dispense decreases bounce rates, keeping customers on your website longer.  Check out our beginner’s guide to dispensary SEO tips to further optimize your online brand. 

Three bars showing growth from Dispense's SEO menu after just 6 months across ranking keywords, impressions, and total clicks.
After 6 months on Dispense's SEO menu, Ascend Wellness saw incredible growth: +586% ranking keywords, +110% impressions, and +54% total clicks.

2. Dispensary Management

Dispensary software should make your life easier; streamline operations, increase order management visibility, and support customer relationships. Your dispensary technology should be able to simplify order management, allowing staff to see incoming orders, check customers in, and add walkup orders in a single dashboard.

A safe staff management portal is also important for security, and Dispense allows retailers to provide individual employees with their own login credentials and permission customization to precisely control who sees what.

Your dispensary depends on accurate inventory management. With Dispense, all products automatically sync from your POS, giving retailers additional clarity on product performance.

Understanding product metrics gives retailers even greater insight into their customer base. And with a built-in CRM, Dispense retailers can dig deeper into customer buying patterns, demographics, and purchase history. Staff can even directly message customers through Dispense’s cannabis chat feature.

With Dispense, you’re getting even more than eCommerce. From multi-state operators to mom-and-pop shops, Dispense software powers dispensary management solutions for all sizes of operations.

3. Customer Data Ownership

It’s your business, shouldn’t it also be your data? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Marketplace solutions like Weedmaps and Leafly focus on collecting customer information (name, email, address, demographic, purchase history) to further marketing efforts down the line. But marketplaces aren’t transparent about what they are doing with vendor data, and often limit the amount of customer information they share with retailers. So even if your dispensary is the one doing business, marketplaces may be withholding insights on your own customers.

Because Dispense isn’t a marketplace, retailers always own 100% of their customer data to leverage in their own marketing and loyalty strategies. As a dedicated eCommerce solution, Dispense will never sell or market your data to third parties. You’ve worked hard to build your business and, with Dispense, you own your data. Always.

3 overlapping images displaying different graph analytics that show revenue, new and repeat customers, and the most popular cannabis products between flower, vaporizers, edibles, and pre rolls.

4. Flexible and Customizable

Creating a customizable dispensary menu shouldn’t mean shelling out thousands of dollars for a custom build. From categories to headers, banners to brand colors, Dispense offers a flexible and customizable cannabis platform that won’t break the bank.

5. Powerful integrations

Your dispensary tech stack needs to be robust and seamless. Every dispensary’s needs are different, and choosing the right software for your business shouldn’t mean compromising your technology ecosystem. Dispense supports dozens of integrations between point-of-sale software, cashless payment providers, loyalty programs, and analytics, so your dispensary can use exactly what it needs.

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