Mastering Dispensary Management: Must-Have Tools for Success

Simplify your day-to-day, streamline operations, and support customer relationships – these are the benefits of successful dispensary management. The right technology can make your life easier if you know what features and tools to look for. 

8 Tools for Efficient Dispensary Management

1. Software that scales

When choosing your dispensary tech stack, pay attention to software that can grow with you. Your business may start as a small local store, but when it’s time to ramp up the last thing you want to do is spend valuable time and resources replacing and relearning a new system. Dispense has you covered, powering cannabis retailers of all sizes, from multi-state operators and delivery depots to single-state operators and mom-and-pop shops

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2. Order Management

You want to see your business from a bird’s eye view. This includes everything from seeing incoming orders, checking customers in, and adding walkup orders. What if you could do all of that from one dashboard? With Dispense, you can. Whether it’s drive-thru cannabis or curbside pickup, Dispense has you covered. Plus, you can manage your dispensary on the move with the Dispense Mobile App.

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3. Inventory Management

There’s nothing quite like the frustration of inconsistent information, which is even more important in a regulated market with state reporting requirements. Integrating Dispense with your point-of-sale system gives retailers greater visibility into product performance because you only need to look in one place to know that inventory numbers are consistent across the board. With Dispense, retailers can seamlessly sync products from their POS to eliminate inventory confusion. 

Screenshot of product page in Dispense for inventory management.

4. CRM

Understanding your customers is key to building a successful business. Employing a centralized dispensary CRM gives you clearer insights into customers’ shopping patterns, order history, demographics, and individual preferences. Knowing your customers is knowing your business, helping retailers to strategize and create targeted marketing campaigns accordingly. By building trusted relationships with your clientele, you’re more likely to boost customer engagement and retention.

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Cannabis CRM software like Dispense eliminates manual processes so you and your staff can focus on those all-important customer interactions. There’s no need to worry about duplicate information, either – Dispense automatically sends necessary customer data to your integrated point-of-sale provider. Communicating with customers is even easier with Dispense’s in-app chat feature, which automatically connects to the CRM. Staff can easily view purchase history and session behavior to tailor the experience and choose how to best respond to their needs. 

Text chat between budtender and customer.

Businesses deserve to hold onto the relationships they’ve built with customers. Retailers can get export customer data with the click of a button for easy data analysis. The best part? Your customer data always belongs to you. Because Dispense isn’t a marketplace, retailers own 100% of their customer data to use as they see fit. 

5. Staff Management

Each staff member has their own unique role in daily dispensary operations, and their software access should reflect that. login permissions should reflect that. Ensure your staff portal is secure with individual login credentials and customizable permissions to control which employees are seeing what.

Screenshot of staff page including permission options.

6. Order Receipt Printing

Automation is your best friend. Dispense easily integrates with receipt printers, enabling businesses to set up automatic printing as orders come in, or print order receipts manually. Do it your way.

Various screenshots showing order printing configuration.

7. Custom settings

Though it’s all cannabis, each dispensary has its own set of needs, and your dispensary menu software should be flexible enough to meet those needs. Dispense comes equipped with a multitude of configurable settings – from custom order statuses to payment types and order queues to menu banners – so your software can be built for you and your unique business.

Customizable banner user interface.

8. Integrations

The best software is the kind that doesn’t force you to compromise. Whether you’re selecting from the leading point-of-sale providers (like Treez, Flowhub, and BLAZE), or introducing your customers to cashless and secure digital payments (like Aeropay and KindTap), Dispense can seamlessly integrate into your custom workflow.

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