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The Dispensary Guide to 420: Cannabis eCommerce and Dispensary Management

Get your dispensary ready for the biggest holiday of the year with these dispensary management tips.

4 Ways to Make the Most of 420 with Smart Dispensary Management

Power up your website

Set your dispensary up for success with a powerful and reliable tech stack. With online orders on 420 doubling from 2021 to 2022, make sure your website is equipped to handle the influx and optimized for holding attention as shoppers begin to create their 420 shopping lists. Your dispensary menu software should be easy to navigate with well-organized categories and filters that take customers to exactly what they’re looking for. Don’t lose customers to slow loading times – Dispense has the fastest digital dispensary menu in the industry to help stores retain customers and increase conversions.

Stoners will be browsing cannabis long before 420 rolls around, searching on Google for their favorite strains and products. Make sure your dispensary shows up first with an SEO menu designed to rank your business higher with popular keywords. With Dispense, every single product is searchable and automatically optimized to rank on Google with the most searched cannabis keywords through dispensary search engine optimization. 

Leverage Promotions and Discounts

High volume can also mean hot competition. Start promoting your sales and discounts a few weeks in advance of 420 to incentivize shoppers to stop by your dispensary first. Consider working with an agency partner like PufCreativ, Deeproots, or Studio420 to strategize on marketing plans and website adjustments. Get customers in the door with early-bird specials, and increase cart sizes with strategically placed premium products and upsells.

Utilize your homepage to promote 420 deals with custom rotating banners that grab attention the moment customers hit your website. 

Invest in Kiosks and Dispensary CRM

While online ordering is popular, most 420 transactions are still done in-store. Take advantage of the increased foot traffic with self-service kiosks. Cannabis kiosks are a worthwhile investment, averaging a $25 higher order value than traditional walk-up orders. Kiosks can also alleviate extra stress on employees by minimizing in-person order-taking, thus giving staff more time to cultivate face-to-face interactions with customers and build a dispensary CRM.

Offering alternative shopping options like drive-thru, delivery, and curbside pick-up will help your dispensary appeal to an even broader demographic.

Encourage cashless payments

Create checkout ease by offering secure digital payment options like Swifter, Aeropay, or KindTap. Cashless payments encourage customers to spend more instead of being limited by the cash in their pocket, and also improve dispensary security on a high-volume and high-cash day. 

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